October 8, 2008


Known to his shipmates aboard the Rusty Pelican as "Tiny", the helmsman of the ship is steady as the Rock of Gibraltar. Hugely muscled upper arms help him keep the ship on course during the most violent of storms. "Tiny" got his nickname not in the ironic sense that he is a big man called tiny, but because he is so proud of the sea serpent tattoo across his belly that he always wears shirts two sizes too small to show it off. Even when the ship ventures north of the equator in search of booty "Tiny" refuses to put on a warmer shirt.
For more pics, head on over to my flickr.

I'm back to work after a fun but tiring whirlwind of wedding shopping with my sister and her good friend. Phew! 10 days is a long time to be away from the sewing machine. I thought that I might get some time to sew in between wedding dress appointments, but no such luck. We did find "the dress" and it looks amazing on her, so job well done. Oh- and I have discovered Guitar Hero- which is totally addicting and murder on the hands. I have to force myself to put down the guitar and give it a rest, but I can still hear the dulcet tones of Heart's "Barracuda" trying to tempt me back...

I will be creating more pirates to flesh out the Pelican's crew, so stay tuned.


Terrell Gentry said...

Cool, I love the tattoo treatment. And I love the theme.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Terrell, it's been a lot of fun creating all these pirates. :D