November 3, 2009

A proper workspace at last. YAY!

I've been meaning to take these pictures for awhile. I thought I'd better take some while it is still somewhat tidy and organized! I am so excited to actually have a real sewing table at last!! Thanks to my generous mother-in-law I am now the proud owner of her old table, which my father-in-law built for her 30 years ago. (She upgraded to the amazing Pfaff creative vision 4.0 mammoth embroidery machine, and it wouldn't fit in her old table.) Lucky for me! :) I had so much fun filling up the cubbies and compartments with all my sewing paraphernalia and reorganizing all my sewing mess, which was desperately needed- and just in time for all the holiday madness. I also haven't had time to use my new pfaff embellishing machine- I'm waiting for some "down time" to play around with it and all my felt, but that could be awhile. ;)
I still get giddy whenever I look at my "new" table, and so far it has made my sewing life a lot easier, which is awesome. Happy sewing is good sewing. :)


Feltmistress said...

That's Fantastic. Wish I was that organised. Some cuties on the table too!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Louise! I feel pretty lucky to have it. :)
(The guys on the table are for the luv-able show in December, I'll be posting them soon.)

Jeff Harter said...

Wow! Look at your new toy!!!

Sew Like the wind, Leanna, sew like the wind!