December 2, 2009

Holiday items in the shop!

OH- and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my great friend Danamarie of greenstarstudio- why don't you help her celebrate and head on over to her lovely shop and do some browsing and buying? You won't be disappointed!

Here we go with the new holiday items:

I had fun making these singing/smiling snowmen and gingerbread men ornaments, it got me into the holiday spirit. The snowmen are available in my etsy shop in sets of 2, and the gingerbread men in various states of cooking doneness (is that even a word? probably not. :D) can be found in the PlushTeam's etsy shop, where the proceeds from their sales goes to Toys for Tots.
I also decided to do something a little different... so the Vampire Brothers Victor and Vittorio got out their holiday outfits and fancy cloaks, ready to be invited over to your house for a holiday party or two. They will be on their best behavior, I promise. They are currently hanging out in the shop, waiting for invitations..

HAPPY SHOPPING everyone! I can't believe it's already did this year fly right by.

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