January 7, 2010

My Year in Plush 2009

I thought it might be interesting to compile a mosaic of all the plush that I made this past year. (Which doesn't include the plushed wall hangings I made for the Haunted Mansion show- the photos wouldn't fit in the small photo-mosaic box format.)
I'm going to use it as a motivational tool- try my best to make more this year and grow creatively at the same time. I am busy working on a few things right now, so I should have new plush to post within the next few weeks. It's been a bit harder than I thought to get motivated after the Christmas break- although slowly but surely I get more done each day, which I guess counts as some sort of progress. :)
Enjoy the rest of the week everybody. Gotta get back to the sketchbook and sewing machine. (I think they felt ignored over the break- and they are right, since I did barely any drawing or sewing. It was totally worth it though. So there. :D)

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