January 3, 2010

Iginla gets plushed

What can be better than starting out 2010 with a hockey-themed post? For a Canadian hockey-lover like me, not much. ;)
Meet Jerome Iginla of the Calgary Flames hockey team. I made this plushcature for one of Ben's christmas presents. Iginla is probably Ben's favorite hockey player, and he joins his teammate Dion Phaneuf (who I made last year) as our good luck charms as we watch the Flames play hockey this season. So far so good- they've been playing quite well over the Christmas break. Knock on wood that they keep it up.

Sewing the plush went a bit faster for me this time around, since I had the pattern for the jersey. (YAY! :D) I realize now how much easier it is to modify an existing pattern than come up with a new one every time, which is my usual M.O. I just had to draw up my caricature of Iginla, and then add his name, number, and Captain's "C" to the jersey. Much more efficient, but I don't think that I will quit making one-of-a-kind designs, it's too much fun to make something totally new. Which, btw, I have tons of ideas for this year...
I hope that you all had a great holiday break and are ready to face 2010 with new energy and creative inspiration! Now I'm off to get to work!


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Leeanna Butcher said...

aww.. thanks John! :D

Shanny said...

This is amazing. Would you be able to share how you made him? I have never made a plush before but I should love to give this one a try. I want to make some good luck!