March 29, 2011

Mini "Chocolate" Easter Bunnies

Time for some Easter Bunnies that don't add any inches to your waistline! ;D These little Mini Bunnies were inspired by all the real chocolate Easter Bunnies I ate as a kid. These guys are pretty tiny- standing about 7 inches tall (18cm) by 5 inches wide. (13cm) They come in 5 "flavors":

strawberry cream:

pistachio cream:

white chocolate:

milk chocolate:

and dark chocolate:

They are all unique, and have hand embroidered mouths, whiskers, and eyes. These little guys were a lot of fun to make, and are available now in my etsy shop. I may just have to go out and buy myself a real chocolate bunny to eat after staring at these guys for the past few days. :D


Nichol Brinkman said...

Adorable, as always!

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks Nichol! :D

Molly said...

Beautiful, I love chocolate!