March 22, 2011

Spring is here!

Well "officially" it's spring, but still feeling a bit wintery around here. The birds don't seem to care though- especially the ones that have been waking me up every morning around 4:30 with their chirping outside my window. ;D As for myself, I was getting tired of all the gloomy skies and decided to make some colorful spring bunnies to cheer me up.

These guys are approximately 13 inches (33cm) tall, and a good size for cuddling. They are made from super soft fleece and flannel, in as cheerful colors as I could find in my fabric stash. I took advantage of the brief hour of sunshine we had last thursday to take some photos in the yard.

These bright and cheery bunnies will be hopping into my etsy shop this week. I hope that wherever you are, spring is in the air.


Molly said...

So cute, as usual.

AisforRandom said...

OH MY GOSSH!!!!!!!!!! i want these for my baby. not due til october but i want them now

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Ladies! :D

@ Ais: congrats on the pregnancy! You can find my bunnies here: