March 9, 2011

Getting my green on

I have to admit in advance that green is my favorite color. I also have to confess that I tend to hoard all my green fabrics like a miser and use them sparingly, as if they are a precious commodity that I will run out of. That's probably why you don't see me making too many green plush, although it's not for lack of material or love of green- that I can say for sure. (And is resoundingly proved by my having bins full of green fabrics of all kinds.) I decided that all this hoarding was just silly, and broke out the greens for a bunch of fun St. Patrick's Day plush. What better way to get over the impulse to hoard and make plush for a holiday that is all about celebrating green?

I think it goes without saying that I never get pinched for lack of green on St. Patrick's Day. :D

Green for good luck starts with these larger shamrocks:

some small four leaf clover/shamrock ornaments:

and a couple of dogs and cats with Shamrock/green patterned bellies and ears:

Everything is of course available in my etsy shop if you're in the green mood yourself.

I also made a new Leprechaun, but like his cousin Liam, he only appears to regular humans around the actual St. Patrick's Day. So tune in next week to meet him if you are curious. :D

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