May 16, 2011

Hairy Man of the Forest!

The fabulously talented Michal Wright-Ward of Mystic Forest Dwellers is the plush genius behind this guy, the latest addition to my plush collection. The Hairy Man of the Forest is a gentle guy who loves to give hugs, so have no fear if he approaches you if you are hiking in his part of the woods.

There are other creatures roaming the Mystic Forest if this huggable Hairy Man isn't quite your cup of tea- perhaps you are a fan of the Uncommon Fenwick,

or the Snowy Wolverine?

To see more, you'll have to check out the Mystic Forest Dweller's etsy shop. Now, I know that you don't really need any extra incentive to head on over to the shop, but when you do and if you decide to buy anything; make sure to tell Michal in the "notes to seller" box that you are one of my blog followers, and she will add a special something extra to your purchase! How's that for fun? :D
Oh, and you can also find the Mystic Forest Dwellers on facebook.

1 comment:

Michal Wright-Ward said...

Thanks for the sweet write-up, Leeanna! And such cute photos too. IF you want to do a cross promotion, hit me up!