June 28, 2011


Zombies, EEEeeeeeeek!
I was asked by the awesome Team Oddity to make plush Mother-Daughter Zombie versions of themselves. I was excited to do this commission, but a little daunted since I had never made human Zombie plush before. It took me awhile to get the designs the way that I wanted them, but after a bunch of sketching I finally got the look that I wanted, and here is the result.
The real life Team Oddity:

and their Zombie plush counterparts:

I wanted to make then look like Zombies, but not super-gory ones. I just couldn't go there. So, they have pasty gray-ish white undead skin with bags under their eyes, are missing some teeth, have weirdly discolored/rotten skin patches, and their clothes have definitely seen better days. It was fun to rip and tear the fabric and let it fray. I added the skull and heart iron-ons to Jen's t-shirt, since she wears a lot of screen printed shirts.
Zombie Jen:

Fiona is definitely more "girly" than her Mom, so I made sure to put her in a matching top and ruffled skirt with a fun glittery butterfly clip in her hair, and somehow she has only one sandal, but it doesn't bother her.
Zombie Fiona:

I had a lot of fun making this Zombie Mother-Daughter pair, and it was good to be asked to do something that I hadn't done before. A new challenge always helps me to grow and stretch as an artist.

Now onto the Star Wars plush...may the Force be with me. ;D

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