June 21, 2011

Vote for your favorite Circus plush!

Circus Playset by Hibou Cards.

The Plush Team's new Challenge is here- and the theme this time is "Under the Big Top: A Circus of Misfits."
There are two categories to vote in: Circus folk and Circus animals, and here are just a few of the many excellent plush made for this Challenge:

Christopher the Circus Ringmaster by Denn.

Drunk Plush Circus Clown Doll by Yermit.

Circus Horse by Raggy Rat.

Sad Circus Clown by Pterodactyl Pants.

Voting has begun over on the Plush Team's blog, and will be counted on June 27th.

After the first round of voting is completed, check back on June 28th for a new poll with just the winners of each category. Vote for the grand prize winner until July 1st. The winner will be announced on July 2nd.

If any of these plush catch your fancy, just head on over to the Plush Team's etsy shop, and take home a bit of circus-y goodness today. :D

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