May 3, 2012

Citrus Bears

I found this great fruit-themed cotton print, and was inspired to make some mini bears in bright and cheerful citrus-y colors. I used the print for the bear's tummies and ear accents, and used a contrasting color thread to applique the fabric to the bodies. Their mouths are hand embroidered, and their eyes and noses are made from felt.

These little guys (6.25 inches X 6.25 inches/ 16cm X 16cm) are great for baby gifts, since they have no buttons or other choking hazards, and are made from soft and cuddly fleece.

Lemon Bear

Lime Bear

Tangerine Bear
You can find the Citrus Bears in my etsy shop.


Molly said...

They're tiny! Perfect for a baby to love. I see a lot of drool in theses guys future.

LongStoryShortCrafts said...

Those are adorable! I wish I had seen them a few weeks ago when I was racking my tired brain for some more things to add to my friend's shower basket! They would have went great with the booties I made! Great idea, wonderful finished product. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Parker said...

These citrus-themed bears are simply adorable and cute! I think I already found something to add to my collections!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! These were fun. :D