June 3, 2012

The magic of Scrumptious Delight

If you haven't seen the plush made by my good friend and fellow Plush Teamer, Scrumptious Delight, you are missing out. Her plush are absolutely fantastic! Here are a few examples of the awesomeness that I am talking about:

Banana Split! by Scrumptious Delight.

She creates all sorts of adorable food plush, as well as giving life to regular inanimate objects like coffee pots, gum ball machines, and refrigerators:

Plush Fridge by Scrumptious Delight.

She also makes the best plush pickles- I have a jar full of them on my kitchen counter that make me smile every day.

You can find pickles and more fantastic plush in her etsy shop, just click here - you won't be disappointed in the cuteness you find there, believe me. :)