July 27, 2008

Comic Con 2008 Goodies

Ben just got back from a "business trip" :D at San Diego's Comic Con, and he found all sorts of fun treasures to add to my collection.
First off we have the ultra cute "Pea" from Conduct Happiness, a favorite of mine since I saw their booth at Wondercon a couple of years ago. I'm so glad they did a plush!
Next we have "Memo Wee", (designed by Goran Lelas) a doctor of memory retrieval, who plays sax in a jazz band. I love the nose/snout! Produced by StrangeCo.
Thirdly there is the awesome Vampire Toast-hiding from the sun in the darkest room of the house while he waits for nightfall... I can hear the "normal" bread quaking in their bag right now! :) From the Mr. Toast family.
Last but not least is the very fun one of a kind monster handbag, "Bur" from Steam Crow Plush, the other half of Steam Crow Press. I love that you get an extra little monster clutch inside the big main monster bag.
It's a good thing that I organized my sewing studio last weekend, now I have room for these new lovelies! :) Have a good week everybody!

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