August 24, 2011

Anyone need a Carpenter? ;D

As long as you don't mind an Oyster or two, this week's Wonderland Wednesday plush is the Walrus' friend and lackey, the Carpenter. Unfortunately for the Oysters, the Carpenter is very helpful in spotting and finding the Oyster bed, and as you can see, has managed to capture a few of the little guys. Originally made for the "Go Ask Alice" art show, the Carpenter will be available in my etsy shop later today.

Made from upcycled jeans and a thermal shirt, as well as fleece and felt, the Carpenter comes with his own carpenter's pencil tucked behind his ear. The unfortunate trio of Oysters he's captured have hand embroidered facial details.

Next week is the final Wonderland Wednesday of the year, can you guess who will be the final Wonderland Plush?

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