August 31, 2011

Wonderland Wednesday Finale

What better way to wrap up this year's series of Alice in Wonderland-inspired plush than with her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hearts?

She was featured along with her husband in STUFFED magazine's Winter 2010 issue, as well as making an appearance at the "Go Ask Alice" art show.

Her Majesty is wearing her red velvet robe with hearts and gold trim over her heart-themed dress, and has a large ruffled ribbon collar on. Her hair has red heart hand-embroidered highlights, and her cheeks, nose, and lips are heart shaped as well. Like her Royal husband, her skin is made from a heart printed cotton.

She graciously posed with a quick photo with Alice, as well as her husband. The Queen will be available in my etsy shop later today.

I hope that you enjoyed Wonderland Wednesdays as much as I did. I'll continue this series sometime next year, until then we'll say farewell to Alice and her friends.

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