August 17, 2011

Wonderland Wednesday- Caterpillar edition

This week's Wonderland post is all about the twisty-tongued Caterpillar. After annoying Alice to no end with his riddle-ish way of talking, he tells her that if she eats a piece of mushroom from either side, one bite will make her taller and one will make her smaller.

I had this crazy bright green minky in my stash, and after looking at for a months, I realized that it would be the perfect material to make the Caterpillar's body. I really like the subtle checkered pattern that it has- and the color suggested a somewhat psychedelic color palette, which is why I chose the purple/white flowered cotton and the lime green/purple tear drop pattern. The tear drop pattern also reminded me of the segments of a caterpillar's body. I thought of the Caterpillar as a somewhat hoity-toity stoner, so I made him a bow tie.

He'll be available in my etsy shop later today.

Once August is gone, so are Wonderland Wednesdays, so stay tuned for the reveal of the final two characters for this year. :)

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