August 12, 2011

Stitch Wars Strikes Back- Opening TONIGHT!!

I can't wait to see all the great art created for this show! I've seen a few of the pieces online, but am waiting eagerly to see the rest.
The Stitch Wars Strikes Back show opens at the Bear and Bird Boutique & Gallery in Lauderhill, FL at 7pm. If you are in the neighborhood and a Star Wars fan, I highly recommend checking it out.

These are the pieces that I created for the show.
The Spirit of Obi Wan:

I wanted to create plush of characters that wouldn't be as obvious, and after some thinking, I decided to make Yoda and Obi Wan, but in Spirit form. I used tones of blue to indicate the blue glow that these characters have in the films after they pass on. I wanted to capture the serene confidence that Obi Wan has in the Force and in his voluntary death in the duel with Darth Vader in his expression.
It took me a few tries with scrap fabric (about 6!) to figure out how to make a functioning hood that was also the right shape.

Obi Wan is made from wool (his cloak), fleece/felt for his face, linen for his turtleneck, and his robes are made from noie silk- I had to search for a nubby fabric that would evoke the texture of his robes like they are in the films. It took some searching to find that and the right fabric in the right color blue for his cloak that worked within the color system I wanted.

and last but not least, the Spirit of Yoda:

I wanted the same mood with Yoda: serenity and a zen-like calm. He has a slightly different color system, since Yoda has a green face in "life", I wanted a light blue that was more in the aqua tones than Obi Wan's to convey that difference. I had fun knotting all the embroidery floss to make his flyaway wispy hair. :D

Here they are together: I made Yoda slightly bigger than he is - and Obi Wan smaller, since I didn't want these plush to be too big. Obi Wan is 13 inches tall with his hood up, and Yoda is 7 inches.

If you'd like to see all the Gallery photos from the original Stitch Wars show held in 2009, click here. To see photos of just my pieces from the last Stitch Wars show, click here.


Usemeplz said...

Thank you for a post! I like Yoda's pictures, but others are also beautiful!

Jen (Zooguu) said...

Amazing! I love them both, but that hood on Obi Wan is amazing. You captured his expression perfectly.

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks so much. :D