September 15, 2008

Little Bo Peep

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and doesn't know where to find her..."
Unfortunately for Bo, she fell asleep in the lovely afternoon sun, and woke up to find that her sheep, Shelley, had wandered off to places unknown. What Bo doesn't know is that Shelley deliberately packs Bo a turkey, mashed potato, and gravy sandwich for lunch (turkey is well known for it's sleep inducing enzyme- as many Thanksgiving diners are aware) every once and awhile to get away and enjoy some alone time among the shrubs. Bo means well, but it drives Shelley nuts how over protective she is, and sometimes she just has to get away and be on her own for a bit. She usually wanders back to Bo after a couple of hours, feeling slightly ashamed at her method of escape, especially when she sees how anxiously Bo has been looking for her. Somehow it's just not quite enough guilt to stop Shelley from doing it again a few months later though.

I was in a fall mood, and decided to make Bo up in fall colors and a sweater and warm pants. She also has a typical shepherd's cloak to keep the chill off in the early mornings. I always see images of Bo in the stereotypical skirt and blouse, and I'm always amazed at how impractical that seems for a shepherd. For Shelley I used this ultra soft and cuddly chenille-y fleece that I've only managed to find once at my local craft store, it sheds like mad when you cut it, but it's SO cuddly that it's worth the mess and sneezing. :D


Terrell Gentry said...

I love the little stories you include with all of your plush, it gives a fun twist, and more personality to your household known characters.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Terrell! it's more fun to come up with a back story behind the plush- must be that Calarts training coming through. :D