September 19, 2008

Little Jack Horner

"Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, eating a nice warm pie; he put in his thumb, and pulled out plum, and said: What a good boy am I!"
Not so fast, Jack! This one plum was all that he managed to get out of the pie, as his mom caught him red-handed with the now ruined freshly baked pie. He spent his time out in the corner eating his stolen plum and licking the juices off his fingers. When it came time to have the pie for dessert that night, everyone else in the family got a piece but Jack.

I had fun picking out the fabrics for Jack, I like using fabrics that don't match yet have similar elements that pull the whole together. I wanted the plum to look like it was all out of shape and wrinkly from baking in the pie, so I constructed it out of many pieces of felt.


Ally said...

your jack is really well done
i like!

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Ally! I appreciate your kind words! :D