September 1, 2008

Time to Paint!

I decided that since I had my sewing studio completely free of stuff due to my family's visit I would use it to my advantage and paint the ceiling (UGH!- the WORST part) and the walls. The hard part is choosing what color! So, I am actually laboring on this lovely labor day weekend and getting my studio done. How do you look up and paint a ceiling and not get any spots of paint on your glasses I ask you? The ceiling totally needs painting-it is a very unhealthy looking shade of... not-white. I really don't know what to call that color, other than eww. It's scary to think that the ceiling probably has it's original 1965 paint job- gold flecks in the paint and all. Oh so lovely. :D
It will be SO nice not to look at white walls while I'm working! Worth the aches in my arms/neck from running the roller above my head while I paint the ceiling, I hope. I will post the finished look- as well as a few new guys I am working on later in the week. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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Paper Girl Productions said...

I actually kind of like it with the paint strip looks creative sooo I like it! lol!