November 12, 2010

The holidays are coming!

Yikes! That time of year already- where did the time go? I have made some new items for the shop, as well as re-listed some goodies from last year. We'll start with our favorite Vampire duo of Victor and Vittorio- all dressed up for the holidays and ready to party.

These Rabbits are all ready for winter and the upcoming holiday parties.
Clarence is a hard working rabbit who owns the local hardware store. There isn't any tool he doesn't know how to use. He loves waking up a little before sunrise and watching the sun come up before he heads off to work. He's dressed for winter in his warmest plaid jacket.

Holly works in the Lapin Botanical Gardens. Her botanical specialty is flowering shrubs and trees. She lives with her roommate Ivy in a cute condo not far from the gardens. Holly and Ivy never get tired of each other, even though they work and live together. The gardens are so large that they often only see each other at lunch time. Holly is dressed up for the company Holiday party in her favorite dress and holly brooch.

Nick is the new guy in town, VERY confident in himself and his fashion sense. You can tell this by the way he stands and the expression on his face. He's dressed in his favorite winter ensemble. Although new in town, Nick already has a reputation as a "Player". ALWAYS looking for a good time, Nick is popular with the ladies: "How YOU doin?"

You can find these and many other plush in my etsy shop, and there will be more holiday and Christmas items coming soon!

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