November 1, 2010

Mini Yeti Monday- week 2

It's that time again! This week's pair of Mini Yetis are the fraternal twins, Yumi and Yuri. Yumi just loves laughing at all of her big brother's jokes, even when they are just plain silly. She calls Yuri her "big brother" since he was born a whole 5 minutes before she was. Yuri loves "knock knock" jokes, and the more they make you groan, the better in his opinion. Yumi loves collecting and pressing flowers into the pages of her journal. She likes to preserve the beauty of the flowers and record what she was feeling the day she found that flower.

If you didn't tune in last week, here's a quick refresher about the Mini Yetis:
The Mini Yetis are much more sociable and easier to spot than their reclusive and much larger cousins the Yeti. Discovered recently in the snowy mountains of Tibet by Plushologists, the Mini Yetis seem fond of human company, even sending a delegation home to America with the Plushologists to explore the New World. This delegation of 10 Mini Yetis have volunteered to be adopted into new homes in order to observe and explore new regions and cultures, and to make new friends.

Meet the twins:

and Yumi:
If you are interested in adopting either of the twins into your home, or their friends Yetta and Yonah, head on over to my etsy shop, and come back next Monday to meet another pair of these adventurous creatures.

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