November 8, 2010

Mini Yeti Monday- 3rd Edition

It's time to meet this week's pair of fun loving adventurers from the snowy mountains of Tibet, Yonni and Yori.

Both Yonni and Yori are more quiet and contemplative than the Mini-Yetis that you've previously met. Yonni loves laying on her back in the crisp clean snow, breathing the mountain air, and tracing pictures in the clouds.

While Yori enjoys sucking on an icicle or two as he ponders the meaning of life. Although both of them are quick to abandon their quiet time to join in a snowball fight! Woe to anyone who gets in the path of one of Yori's snowballs- he has the most accurate arm of all the Mini-Yetis.

If you are interested in adopting Yonni, Yori, or any of their friends that you've been introduced to so far, stop by my etsy shop and tell them I said hello!

Wondering what in the heck is a Mini-Yeti? Here's a quick refresher :
The Mini Yetis are much more sociable and easier to spot than their reclusive and much larger cousins the Yeti. Discovered recently in the snowy mountains of Tibet by Plushologists, the Mini Yetis seem fond of human company, even sending a delegation home to America with the Plushologists to explore the New World. This delegation of 10 Mini Yetis have volunteered to be adopted into new homes in order to observe and explore new regions and cultures, and to make new friends.

Another pair of Mini-Yetis to come next Monday, so stay tuned. Holiday plush will also be stopping by my blog sometime this week on their way to my etsy shop, so if you are interested in seeing what I've come up with for this year, keep checking back. Enjoy your week! :)


Dawn said...

Those are absolutely adorable. They need their own cartoon or something.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Thanks Dawn! :D