November 13, 2010

Snow Angels

Now available in my etsy shop- the Snow Angels! :)
I love snowmen, and I wanted to do something a little different than the usual snowball types. That's when the idea of adding wings hit me. The Snow Angels are responsible for getting everyone excited for winter and winter activities. They fly around invisibly and whisper suggestions for winter fun in our ears. The large plush are around 8-10 inches high, while the little ones are around 5-7 inches high.

We have Charlie, who is the Snow Angel that inspires you to get out that toboggan and hit the steepest hill in town,

and Camille makes sure that there is warm and comforting hot chocolate to welcome you home after hours of outdoor winter fun.

Freddie whispers in your ear and gives you the idea to start an epic snowball fight,

Josie gets you to pull out the skates and hit the ice for some figure eights,

and last but not least, Paulie is the one who inspires you to go outside and make the biggest snowman you can.

Needing some winter inspiration? Head on over to my etsy shop and take your favorite Snow Angel home today. :)

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