November 22, 2010

Mini-Yeti Monday: the Grand Finale!

It's time to introduce the last pair of the Mini-Yeti delegation, and to celebrate, I'm having a giveaway! :D Details will be given after you meet this week's Mini-Yetis, so read on and then make sure to enter for your chance to win...

Mini-Yeti Yancey builds the best snow-forts. He loves to build each one more elaborate than the last; his most recent design featured a series of hidden tunnels leading to his secret stash of snowballs.

Mini-Yeti Yadira loves to watch the sun rise and set each day- the colors fascinate her, since she is the most artistic of the Mini-Yetis. She loves to break out her sets of plant-based paints and cover the walls of her cave with her brightly colored interpretations of the sunsets and sunrises she's seen.

You can find Yancey and Yadira in my etsy shop, along with those Mini-Yetis not yet adopted.

I'm sure that you are ready to hear about how you can enter the giveaway- and here's what you're entering to win:

It seems that Mini-Yeti Yonah's twin brother Yardley managed to sneak his way here and add himself to the Mini-Yeti delegation, so he's looking for a good home and some new friends to explore with.

Here's how you enter to win the mischievous Yardley:


*Become a Meet Sam and Pete blog follower. If you're a new follower, let me know that you joined in the comment section. If you're already following me, let me know that too and score one extra entry!

*Tweet this giveaway. Make sure to give me a link to your tweet in the comment section to get one extra entry.

*Repost the giveaway on Facebook. Make sure to give us a link to your Facebook post when you write your comment to get one extra entry.

*Blog this giveaway. For an extra TWO entries, tell folks about this giveaway in your blog. Please make sure to use a photo of Yardley in your post and leave the link in the comment box to get your entries.

*Buy something from my etsy shop before November 30th. Get another FIVE chances to win by making a purchase from my shop. Don't forget to let me know which new piece of plush that you are calling your own. :)

The last day to enter is November 30th, 2010 and I'll announce a winner on December 1st. GOOD LUCK!

Also- you have the opportunity to double your chances to win one of my plush this month by heading over to the Plush Team's blog and entering your name in the November giveaway of Lavender the Cat. Good luck everyone!


Moon's Creations said...

*dies* your artwork is too much!
I adore Yancey! He's such a sweetie face! I've also started following your blog,
blogged about your give away

Hooray! Contests!


LEFTZ said...

Ah! Yes :D

I love Yorrick - just adorable :)) I'm already a blog follower!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

I gotta go with Yorrick as my favorite from the Yeti family. I've been a follower of your blog for some time now... of course, how could I not be?

XO, Karla

Yummy Pancake said...

YAY! He's adorable....well, all of your plush is absolutely adorable....especially my plushcatures ^_^


Denise - yummypancakecreations(at)

teamoddity said...

I'm loving me some Yorrick, too...of course, I'm loving the yeti's I bought as well :)

I've been following this blog for some time now :)

I reposted on facebook:!/

I bought Yadira and Josie this morning :)

Jen -

BeBe Babies said...

I like Yadira because she is artistic (and she watches the sun rise and set). I have your blog saved but never was a follower so I am now! I face booked it for you too:

Ok can you tell I want to win? :)


out of the frame said...

I like Yancey! and I'm sure he'd like me if we had the chance to meet :)

I am already a follower

rowanh (at)

Leeanna Butcher said...

Woot! You're making the Mini-Yetis blush. ;) Thanks everyone for entering and good luck to you all. :D