June 25, 2009

Blister in the sun... BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

I decided since I am raging against this heat wave to do my first ever blog plush giveaway!! The winner will receive my plush Rage.
All you have to do to enter is this:

Leave a comment on this post with the silliest/funniest thing you've ever done or seen when you (or someone you know) was mad or enraged.
Leave your comment with contact info by THURSDAY JULY 2ND at midnight pacific.

I will then have an impartial judge (Ben :D) choose the best story and notify the winner on Friday July 3rd. A soon as I hear from the winner, I will ship your brand spankin' new Rage right to you.

ex: our friend Jeff told a story once about how he was so incensed that his car was blocked in at a friend's place that he actually went outside and TRIED TO LIFT THE CAR out of the way. All. By. Himself. Seriously. :D
(Sorry Jeff, it was too good not to share. :))

Here's one of my favorite stories from my childhood:

One of the summers when I was baby sitting my sister we had the "Kraft Dinner Incident." I was 14 and my sister was 9. She had a friend over, and I was supposed to cook them lunch. The two of them were driving me absolutely bonkers (in the way that only a younger sister can) while I was cooking them some Kraft Dinner (that's kraft Mac and Cheese for all you Americans out there. :D). I was finishing stirring in the cheese packet when I was suddenly so mad I couldn't take it anymore. I scooped up a BIG portion of the macaroni and chucked it at my sister. Well, you can imagine what happened next- total kraft dinner fight in the kitchen. I got over my anger, and we all laughed, and then realized what a mess we had to clean up before Mom got home. So, we cleaned it all up and thought we'd gotten away with it. Little did we realize that a day later our Mom would happen to be cleaning a spider web off the ceiling, and lo and behold there was a few drops of the lovely bright orange cheese sauce on the ceiling. We were totally busted- and punished.

I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. Good luck and stay cool!!


APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

lovely blog! congratulations! :)

Eva said...

I just reminisced about some funny rage things I've witnessed. The one I'm going to tell though is one that happened to me...

My brother and I are 8 yrs apart in age, at the time of this story, I think I was 13 or 14 (which would make my brother 5 or 6).

I don't even remember what I did to him to make him mad, but... he started chasing me outside with rage in his eyes determined to catch me which I thought was incredibly funny... and since I can't run and laugh all at the same time, I plopped down on the grass, he caught up with me and started pummeling me with his little punches. Which made me laugh even more (since his punches didn't hurt), which in turn, enraged him more, which made me laugh more... and I think we both went on like this for quite some time until both of us got too tired to laugh or punch.

I'll just never forget how angry he was... such a cute little kid... kids are very funny when they are incredibly mad. next time you see an angry kid, observe them.

now of course, I would never dare to stop running-- my brother is much bigger and stronger than me- haha :)

Kira said...

This probably won't compare with some of the silly things people do when they're mad but...

When I was in middle school, the kids on the bus were always really mean to me. Most days when I got off the bus on the way home, they would yell names and insults at me through the bus windows. One day I was so mad that I meant to give them "the finger", but I was so mad that I put up the wrong finger and showed them my forefinger instead of the middle one!...which made me feel pretty stupid, but at least I can laugh about it now!

Tanya said...

The funniest rage I saw was when I was buying groceries. I went to the checkout and the lady serving me couldn't get the brown bag open. She got so frustrated that she ripped it in two then started scrunching it up as though she though she would make it disappear.

In the end I couldn't help but laugh out load and say "had a tough day?" She must have been in her own little world of rage because she came too and was just so embarrassed!

I still think of it and giggle out loud - that rage where you just want to scrunch things with all the power in your hands! he he

olisa said...

This isn't pretty... I saw my boss lose it at work. I'm not sure what triggered it... it was a rather dreadful place, so it could have been just about anything. She was so angry after a meeting she started to stomp and swear loudly to herself. "Mother &%##ers!" She marched to her office, saw a box in front of her door, kicked the box several times, lost her balance and fell on her butt. This made her so angry that she burst into tears while sitting on the floor. She tried to stand up, sobbing and swearing loudly, and stumbled over. She finally got to her feet and slammed her office door but for reason it did not bounced open immediately. She let out a primal scream, slammed it again, and fortunately it stayed close.

This is very dark and I have no idea why it made me laugh so much. I watched in horror but then burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. I couldn't look at her for several days without struggling not to giggle. She never mentioned her fit. Even today, 10 years later, I still get a funny feeling in my stomach when I think about it, like I just laughed so hard that my stomach muscles are all gooey.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, your friend's rage story is hilarious!

One time I was soooooo mad at brother (I forget why). He was laughing at me for whatever reason, and I got so mad that my first reaction was to throw something at him. I reach for the nearest thing -- a hockey puck that was sitting on his awards shelf -- and chuck it at him! Luckily I missed, and the puck hit the wall... BUT, it also went through it! LOL. At that point neither of us were angry anymore, we were both concerned that: 1) I could have seriously hurt him o_O, and 2) There was now a hockey puck sized hole in the wall! We started laughing, and we covered it up with a poster. Years later my parents finally sell the house and move. My brother and I are packing up, and he takes the poster off the wall, and we see this huge hole in the wall! We both laughed, remembering how dumb we were as kids. :P

pambamboo said...

My then husband went out with the boys on a Saturday night and did not return until mid morning Sunday. I was in bed but awake and started yelling at him (of course). He got so mad at me that he started jumping up and down on the bed whilst throwing a tantrum. The thing is, the bedroom had a very (very) low ceiling so every time he jumped he hit his head but he was too drunk and too mad to quit!

On top of that I was trying to outshout him and I wanted to call him a name and the only thing I could think to say:

"Stop that, you cad!"

I have no idea where I got that!

Yes, great hilarity was had by all......but not until many years later.

Christina Ward said...

For your entertainment:

I'm a Wisconsinite. The frozen tundra. As good citizens, we shovel the unplowed area in the street in front of our house; so the ice doesn't build up and we can park.

After a particular blizzard; my husband and I spent hours shoveling everything out. I left to pick up my daughter from school. As I returned; one of our trashy neighbors (there's a whole houseful of multi-generations living in this ramshackle big house pulling down everyone elese's property values); was right ahead of me and PARKED IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE WHERE I HAD JUST SHOVELED!

They, of course, didn't shovel. In fact, still had a car buried in the snow. I honked. She got out of her car, flipped me the bird and said "F**K YOU!"

I lost it.

I found a place to park- about a block away. Walked home. Got out the shovel and proceeded to bury her car in snow.

Her brothers, boyfriends, crack dealer, whoever, came out of the house and started screaming, threatening to kill me.

By that time, I was like a shark. I don't even remember it clearly... my husband said he came outside, alerted by all the yelling, and saw me swinging a snow shovel around unloading a stream of expletives that was poetic in it's originality and composition.

They backed off. There's something to be said for full on 'crazy lady' that can be effective in dealing with crappy people.

They've never parked in front of our house ever again.

dog bone art said...

ahh darn that snow shoveling one has me beat i'm sure! ha! i was going to tell the story about my sister flying off the handle and stabbing me with a pencil in the stomach. we had just picked them up on our trip to hershey, pa..it was the reese's pencil point that is still stuck in my stomach to this day. eh the snow shovel one is better..i can relate to that living on the east coast!

Raggy Rat said...

my sister and i always fought
onetime she was digging ribbing hassling me in front of our parents and i dont remember how but i lost it, dived on her and dug my angry hands into her flash and squeazed hard ... really hard ...
it was her bum/butt btw ...
my dad pulled me off and i calmed down and lisa finished yelling and he gave a small laugh and said ... ''ever had your arse squeazed?'' ....