June 19, 2009

Plush team feature- Scrumptious Delight

It's that time again! Profiling Becky Gould of Scrumptious Delight is a pleasure. Her creations range from the super fun Pickle Punks and Worms That Turn Inside Out (shown above) to wonderful varieties of candy and sweets.

Here's what Becky has to say about why she got into sewing plush:

"I am originally from Bournemouth in the UK but have moved about a lot...Portugal, Spain, France and now Vancouver. Even as a child I used to hand stitch bears and mice out of felt but my sewing passion really took off about 10 years ago when my son was a baby. I am always looking to create new models and perfect my techniques, I pride myself on the finition of my toys and the care I put into making them."

For more photos of Becky's plush, head on over to her flickr page, or CHECK OUT HER ETSY SHOP where she's having a sale.

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